intertruth: the garden of eden is your cure - Rosa Lokey Orbe, J.D. CalBRE License # 02067079
To garden you must have a trowel, a shovel or spade and a watering container. There are catalogs of tools and everything imaginable to set down into your dirt and create a garden.  I keep it simple.  There are many people on this planet that are limited to the tools they can procure and I am dedicated to helping people find easy ways to use the bare neccesities to grow your own food.
Spade, flat-pronged fork, garden fork, hand cultivator, dutch push hoe, swan neck draw hoe, onion hoe, seed rake, trowel, hand fork, watering can, brass rose, dribble bar, wheelbarrow, garden line.
I buy my tools from the local gardening shops but here are some good online gardener tool supply links
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