intertruth: the garden of eden is your cure - Rosa Lokey Orbe, J.D. CalBRE License # 02067079
number 4
the old Germaic word for GOD which is essentially mouth or the mouth of GOD
the mundane meaning is advice, communication, blessing, authority and inspiration.
The esoteric meaning is initiation, divine inspiration and standing on hallowed ground.
The God Odin is the source of all wisdom.
The word ASS comes from this and it is the root of the Ash Tree.  In Old Norse the Tree of Life is Yggdrasil. And Jesus rides into Jerusalem on an ASS, another representation of the Divine Mother, (think cows in the manger)
phonetic value: a
Diety: Odin; Tree: Ash; Plant: Fly Agaric; Animal: Wolf ;Bird: Raven; Astrological Planet: Mercury; Color: Dark Blue; Element: Air.
Means Yew Tree
number 13
symbolizes immortality which for many is the world tree Yggdrasil
endurance, protection, empowerment, magical power, spiritual embodiment Phonetic value is e and i
Diety: Odin; Plant: Mandrake; Animal:Hedgehog; Bird: Heron; Astrology: Scorpion; Color: Black; Element: Earth
Fehu: (fee-yoo)
number 1 means cattle, money, wealth, power, generative energy, mobility, creativity, destruction
Phonetic value: f
Diety: Frey; Tree: Elder; Plant: stinging nettle; Animal: cat; Bird: Swallow; Astrology: Aries; Color: light red; Element: fire
the number 11. The symbol is I. Ice. The meaning is quiet, acceptance and understanding,
the sound is i,
Deity: Verdandi; Tree: Alder; Plant: henbane; Animal: reindeer; Bird: Snowy Owl; Astrologyl; moon; Color: Black; Element: Earth
number 6. Torch in old German. symbol is < and means swelling. The word Ken means "to know" and the torch represents fire to light the way.
The sound is K,
Deity: Wayland; Tree: Pine; Plant: Mullein; Bird: Owl; Astrology: Venus; Color: Pink; Element: Fire/Earth
number 14, The Rune of Mystery/Karma. meaning apple tree, pear tree, chess piece, dice cup, fate, game, dance, vagina.
the sound is p,
Deity: Mornir, Tree: Elm; Plant: Beladonna; Animal: Woman; Bird: Heron; Astrology: Saturn; Color: Black; Element: Water
number 3
Phonetic value: th, protectionof the sacred, spiritual courage
Tree; Blackthorn; Plant: Briar/thistle/bramble; Animal: snake; Bird; albatross; Astrology: Mars; Color; red; Element; Fire/Earth
means aurochs of urus
number 2
Phonetic value: u
Deity: Njord; tree: Elm; Plant: Sphagum Moss; Animal: Aurochs; Bird: None; Astrology: Taurus; Color: Green; Element: Earth
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