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This is a term which essentially means "potenz" of Hydrogen (potential of Hydrogen ions or moles). Some people call it the power of hydrogen. In the ancient world the P is representative of "the mystery of God" and therefore the mystery of hydrogen. 
  • pH is numbered from pH1.0-pH14.0 with pH7.0 being normal, whereby soil will always flow to that number generally. 
  • Most soil is between pH5.0 to pH8.0.  
  • Most plants and vegetables enjoy a pH6.0-pH7.0 soil. The proper way to write a pH number is pH1.0, pH14.0, pH5.5.
  • pH affects the availability of nutrients.
  • pH below 3.5 and above 9.5 is toxic to life forms.
Acidic Soils:
soils that test below pH7
  • Rain and cold will cause your soil to become more acid.
  • Lime is the best remedy for raising the pH of an acidic soil to a more alkaline soil.
TO RAISE pH 1 POINT if soil is too acidic (approximations)
  • 5 pounds of lime per 100 square feet (21lbs. per 100 square yards) to sandy soil to raise pH 1 point.
  • 7 pounds of lime per 100 square feet (41-61lbs. per 100 square yard, depending on sand and clay quantities) to loam soil to raise pH 1 point.
  • 8 pounds of lime per 100 square feet (81lbs. per 100 square yard) to clay soil to raise pH 1 point.
Alkaline Soils:
soils that test above pH7
  • Manure is the best remedy for lowering the pH of an alkaline soil to a more acidic soil.
  • approximately 2 gallons per square yard of well rotted manure.
TO LOWER pH 1 POINT if soil is too alkaline (approximations)
  • 1 pound of sulphur per 100 square feet to sandy soil to lower pH 1 point.
  • 1.5 pounds of sulphur per 100 square feet to loam soil to lower 1 point.
  • 2 pounds of sulphur per 100 square feet to clay to lower pH 1 point
  • You can also buy Down to Earth Blueberry mix.
If you lived in 5000 B.C. and you understood the magic of water, planting seeds and growing food you were probably given the title of God or King and Goddess or Queen and pH would be the mystery of God who sits on the throne, H being an ancient symbol for throne.
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Oupanishada: Which means "sitting down near" are Sanskrit scriptures considered the earliest writings of the Hindu Religion on the nature of God. The Vedas are part of this group of writings. Notice the word pan and nisha both earth deities
Prana, Pranana: Oupanishada term for expiration, The central vital force-motion; metabolism. Notice the name nana an earth/water diety.
Pranayama: Breath control
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